Wedding lighting: why should you make the most out of it?

Wedding lighting: why should you make the most how of it?   Here it is; your wedding is ready to go! The flowers are ordered, your dress is perfect… Oh wait! You forgot something… the lighting. It may seem useless but the lighting is very important to sustain the atmosphere you want to convey at your wedding. […]
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The basics of wedding décor : Learn about theme, style and color palette

Wedding Décor. Boho wedding. Décor by À la folie! Events
Wedding décor: What you need to know when designing your wedding Wedding décor often falls behind in a couple’s priority list when planning their wedding. However, the décor is a very important component of a wedding as it sets the mood and atmosphere of your event. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for the couple to […]
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Wedding photography style : know the difference and choose the one best for you

Wedding photography traditional style. Bride and groom.
Know the different styles of wedding photography and choose the one best for you Today we’re looking at wedding photography style. You say what? Remember your granny’s wedding album? Those classic photos, where she is seen standing by her new husband, hand in hand and stiffly smiling at the camera? Or you liked the album of […]
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Contest Rules Follow the White Rabbit

Contest Rules  Follow the White Rabbit CONTEST’ RULES The “Follow the White Rabbit” Contest (the “Contest”) is conducted by À la folie! Events™, a sole proprietorship registered in Quebec (the “Sponsor”). CONTEST PERIOD: The Contest commences on September 4th, 2016 at 10:01 a.m. (EST) and ends on September 5th, 2016 at 06:01:00 p.m. (EST) (the “Contest […]
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Ephemeral and ecological? Some ideas for an eco-friendly wedding

eco-friendly wedding. Outdoor ceremony set up.
Ephemeral and ecological? Some ideas for an eco-friendly wedding   By Odile Joron Translated from French to English by À la folie! Events   I am an interior designer, and I became uncomfortable buying materials and supplies that are thrown away in a few days, or even a few hours, after an event. Being new to […]
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Glamorous Wedding on a Budget

Piggy bank for wedding on a budget
When it comes to throwing a wedding on a budget, there are loads of little tips and tricks you can use to still throw a dream wedding full of glamour. Whether you are looking at saving money on invitations, cutting cost on decor, or saving money on your reception, we’ve got some great ideas for […]
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Warm and Cozy Launch Party & Creative

mariage d’hiver. Warm and Cozy Creative Photoshoot Mariage d'hiver
  The launch of À la folie! Events– what an absolute success! We planned our celebration around the theme Warm and Cozy, a winter wedding theme. “Our wedding creative Warm & Cozy is a realization of the À la folie! Events Team in collaboration with Les Inséparables and Henry Méliès Productions .”  Our launch reception […]
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