La calculatrice de budget par Événements À la folie!

Wedding Cost Calculator
How will you make it official?

Wedding Celebration

Establishing a preliminary budget with the Wedding Cost Calculator is easy. First, start by deciding the components of your event as well as the kind of celebration you wish to have.

How will you feast?

Wedding Reception

Next, you should think of how many people you wish to invite to your wedding as well as the kind of food you’d want to serve.

How will you make it special?


Now, you have to choose between different sets of services that we’ll make your event memorable.

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How to save?

Establish your priorities and make decisions based on your values. Determine what elements of your wedding are the most important to you and invest in these things. You can then find alternate solutions for everything else.


The easiest way to realize significant cost savings is to erase some people from the invite list. Think about it.

Shuffle Your Big Day

Most people wed on Saturday night. Mistake. It’s the most expensive day to tie the knot. Don’t do it.

Beat the Clock

Again, by having your ceremony in the morning or afternoon, you’ll save a ton more. The food, venue and entertainment will be much less expensive.

For additional tips and ideas on how to save on your wedding day, read the article “wedding on a budget“.

Wedding Cost Calculator

The Wedding Cost Calculator is a tool that is meant to help you build an approximate budget for your wedding. Please note that it only gives a rough estimate of the costs. Prices may fluctuate depending on different factors (location, providers, seasonality, corporate or industry rebates, etc…). For more accurate figures, please contact your local vendors.

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